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Lol it’s been too long since i last updated here. Having the determination to have a blog is one thing, to update and maintain it is another. Man, tough stuff. Well, currently suffering from a lower back injury due to carrying my cpu to send it for repair. And been feeling like an old man for 2 days. GARRRRH! Can’t do much stuff, even changing postures from sitting to standing is a tough task to do! Lord, need Your grace and healing, especially for tonight as i need to head to church for Actstream practice!

Speaking of old man… I was reminded of some old memories, like how i stayed in Miri, and the latest, a really old CF Camp picture with a bunch of great guys! How time flies when you’re doing the great things in life! Part of me feels like staying in those past memories, but better yet…

…most of me wouldn’t trade this time serving the Lord with any other. 🙂



Heh, got my fav MBP back. Syok! Out without a laptop for 2 weeks really gets to u… feels like i’m handicapped. Well, no matter, my PS3 did its work, with FFXIII to keep me company! But than again, unable to do work, reply REALLY IMPORTANT emails and all really sucks. I know that i’m blessed, for He has given me so much! Even my laptop’s a testimony! From a no warranty laptop that needed 4k for repairs, it went down to 100 ringgit just for labour costs, and everything else was replaced by Apple! Really how good that God is always there to bless His children! For some it may seem normal, but for me it’s a big thing, and it’s something that only God can intervene and twist it to the way He wants it to be. 🙂 well gtg! Just came back from an awesome Sunday service with Cyberjaya’s attendance breaking the 125 mark! Praise God! 🙂

things are getting good. :)


Things are getting good. From my previous post, a testimony about reconciliation in my family was born! Work in AYA has been good, my walk with Him has been growing and things are turning out for the better. Man, i want this to last, classes start next week. 😦 iish, some good things must end, but His love and faithfulness endures forever! Alrights, enough blogging, better get back to work! 😛

I can’t please everyone.

It’s come to that again.

Either decision i make, it’s bound to hurt someone. Can’t I get the best of both worlds? I guess not. And now, here I am, in this big dilemma of making a decision that’ll break hearts. What’s said, i’ve already know the decision that i have to make. And we’re just having so much progress just even bonding recently. But, I gotta make my stand. No matter what.

I can’t please everyone. So I trust in You, O Lord. Only You.

Yup that’s right! Am proud, in awe and glad to serve with this awesome bunch of people that not only has the heart of serving, but compassion for the lost! I seriously can’t find any brother-and-sisters-in-arms to close ranks with! I’ve been really blessed in many ways even as we come together and see campus students get saved, and many other lives just even returning to Him! All of us have went through so much, the fun times, the rubbing of shoulders, the crunch-time, so much that it really builds us not only as a team, but as brothers and sisters in Christ that really will go all out for the glory of His name and the expansion of His kingdom! And with the recent Campus Camp with just saw 160 campus campers being blessed, it got us to just even see not only how different people react to different situations, but also how they handle it with the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit! And with Dave on the helm, even as he leads the Acts Campus team, we’ll continue to strive and even follow as he listens to the Holy Spirit on how to guide the campus ministry with Ps. Kenneth leading as well! The very fact of it all is, I could not ask for a better team to work with! Here’s to the greatest campus team in the world!

Clockwise from L-R : Kuan Cheen, Yvonne, Kenny, Nikki, Charles, Sam Yeoh, Ronson, Edwin, Ben-Ji, Jesmond, Jon Poon, Sern Yi, Jason, Joshua, Tracy, Christine, Tiff, Su Yen, Mich, Daniel, Ann Ee, Lucas, Dave Yeow, Ellie, Jade, Albert

Not in the pic: Leona, Alvin Dan, Kat, Ann-Marie, Julian Loh, Tessie, Olivia, Eunice Pui, Joel Loi

Wedding bells.

LOL, ain’t my wedding no worries, mine won’t come for another 2,3 years! But its great to hear that wedding bells are in the air! So many happenings nowadays such as:

1. Ken Sing and Joy Lim got married last month.

2. Paul Tan and Dinah married on the 2nd of Jan.

3. Sern Yi and Michelle Seliong married the week after.

4. Jason Wong and Amanda Tan married last week.

5. Alvin Keng and Jessica Chan’s getting married this Saturday.

6. Albert Ling and Rachel Ann Thong getting married end of next month.

7. Jack Ling and Jill Ho getting married middle of the year.

LATEST NEWS: Joshua Chiam just proposed to Joan an hour ago! Congrats man!

Indeed God’s putting 2 hearts together in holy matrimony as they become testimonies to the house! 🙂 Congrats again guys!

Campus Camp 2010!

Alrighties! I’m back after been missing for super long, but no fear, here’s something for you to watch!

Heheh, that’s right! Campus Camp 2010! It’s the last weekend to sign up so go on and head to Acts Church this weekend with RM150! Limited spaces left! You really don’t want to miss this! Head on to any of the sites below for more details!

Acts Church :
Acts Campus
Facebook Page! :

Will post more soon! And regularly! 🙂



I need my breakthrough…


Like right now..

In need of Your Hand in my life.

And Your Intervention for my breakthrough.


I need a holiday getaway…

It’s about time.

After June 18th of course!

walking away free.

well, sometimes life tends to get dragged out of you.

they kick you in the face, tear you out, rip you apart?

makes you feel like you have angina for a long time?

it happens. face it. the world does that.

it’s how you react to it.

and glad to say, i took the high road.

it hurts, but at least i know i have my God with me. 🙂

and now, i’m walking away free.